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Artificial Intelligence




Kay Firth 

We need to understand what AI algorithms are "thinking".

Safiya Umoja Noble

This monopoly of information is a threat to democracy...

Air Force Col. Tucker "Cinco" Hamilton

AI is not a nice to have, AI is not a fad, AI is forever changing our society and our military. We must face a world where AI is already here and transforming our society. AI is also very brittle, ie it is easy to trick and/or manipulate.


Ivana Bartoletti

we focus on the sort of apocalyptic scenario, and that takes us away from the risks that we face here and now, and opportunities to get it right here and now.


Cathy O'Neil

Data laundering. It's a process by which technologists hide ugly truths inside black box algorithms and call them objective; call them meritocratic. When they're  secret, important and destructive. 

Kevin Roose

Executives, not algorithms, decide whether to replace human workers. 

Sam Altman

A thing that I do worry about is ... we're not going to be the only creator of this technology. There will be other people who don't put some of the safety limits that we put on it.

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Geoffrey Hinton

I think it’s quite conceivable that humanity is just a passing phase in the evolution of intelligence.


AI  Hall of Words

Words of significance

that we must truly

keep in our thoughts.

Flynn Colemann

It's not technology we have to fear, it's people. 

Yuval Noah Harari 

We have just encountered an alien intelligence, here on Earth. We don’t know much about it, except that it might destroy our civilisation. We should put a halt to the irresponsible deployment of ai tools in the public sphere, and regulate ai before it regulates us. And the first regulation I would suggest is to make it mandatory for ai to disclose that it is an ai.


Flynn Colemann

It's not technology we have to fear, it's people. 

Mo Gawdat

What went wrong in the 20th century, interestingly, is that we have given too much power to people that didn't assume the responsibility. 


David Levy

There are millions of people out there who, for various reasons, don't have anyone to love or anyone who loves them. And for these people, I think robots are going to be the answer.


Stephen Hawking

AI is likely to be the best or worst thing to happen to humanity.

Issac Asimov

The saddest aspect of life now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom. 

Gary Marcus

A more general problem that I am worried about... is that we're building AI systems that we don't have very good control over and I think that poses a lot of risks, (but) maybe not literally existential.


Ivana Bartoletti

We have internalised the idea that there is nothing more objective, neutral, informative and more efficient than data. This is misleading. When an algorithm is fed data a decision has already been made. Someone has already decided that some data should be chosen and other data should not. And if data is, in reality, people then some of us are being selected while others are being silenced.


Timnit Gebru

The reason diversity is really important in AI, not just in data sets but also in researchers, is that you need people who just have this social sense of how things are. 

Amit Ray

As more and more artificial intelligence is entering into the world, more and more emotional intelligence must enter into leadership. 

Geoffrey Hinton

But very recently, I came to the conclusion that the kind of digital intelligence we're developing for things like big chatbots is actually a very different form of intelligence from biological intelligence — and may actually be much better.


Screenshot 2024-03-10 230406.png

Demis Hassabis

Actually we don't know, right, with this transformative technology. It's so transformative, it's unknown. So I don't think anyone can precisly ... put a probability on it (the AGI risk) ... What I do know is it's nonzero risk ... It is definitely worth debating and it's worth researching really carefully, because even if that probability turns out to be very small ... then we want to still be prepared for that ... we should be preparing for that now ... and trying to ascertain more accurately what the risk really is." 


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